Thursday, October 29, 2009

Souk Opens

Souk opened at 1208 H Street on Monday night, bringing affordable Middle Eastern/Morrocan cuisine to H Street. Souk is owned and operated by Alami Rahim and offers dine in and carry out with a menu featuring various Middle Eastern dishes. The restaurant is lovely and quite small, with seating for about 25 in house. The open kitchen is small and the entire spot was staffed by three people on a recent visit. Souk is already doing more business than anticipated in this their opening week.

Our early impressions of the food were quite favorable and suggest that this place will continue to do very well. The Falafel sanwich ($7) was lightly fried and served with bright accompaniments, including red onion, green onion, and pine nuts. The Chicken Schawarma ($8) was a bit mushy, but both sandwiches came on thin, fresh pita. The Hummus ($4) was creamy, smooth and covered with a thin layer of paprika and oil, while the Grape Leaves ($5) were a real standout with lots of flavor of mint, lemon and parsley coming through. The menu is very reasonably priced with only two items costing over $10 (updated: see below). There are already a couple favorable reviews on Yelp. They do not have a liquor license. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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  1. Awesome! Looking forward to checking it out sooon.

  2. Your donrockwell menu link produces an error of "You do not have permission to view this attachment."

  3. @ 2:48

    Thanks. The post has been updated to include a clickable copy of the menu.

  4. We just tried it and thought it was great. They don't have a liquor license, but they did a great job making the place look nice and turning out some good food. Loved the grape leaves!