Friday, October 2, 2009

Coming Soon

Over the past few years, some fantastic venues have opened up on H Street NE, on the northern edge of Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Over the next few years, there's much more to come. Here is a preview of some of the hot new coming attractions that are expected over the months ahead.

Starting from the west end and working to the east:

Angelico la Pizzaria (1387 H St) gourmet pizza from small, growing DC chain
Tonic(?) (1380 H St) owned by Tonic/Radius Pizza; casual/upscale (On Hold?)
Joe's Coal and Ice House (1358 H St) Ray's the Steaks type; beef/BBQ restaurant
German Beer Haus/Garden place (1355 H St) from Russia House folks
Vendetta (1350/1352 H St) red sauce Italian w/ Englert & Teddy Folkman. Also w/ Cappucino/dessert spot upstairs -Dolce & Gallery O/H
Star & Shamrock (1341 H St) Irish pub from Pourhouse/Trusty's guys
Uneeda Market Flea Market (?)
Dangerously Delicious Pies (1339 H St -- nationally-known Baltimore pie company expands to DC)
Drew (1245 H St) Afro-Latin cuisine from Andrew Agak
Ramen/Dumpling bar (1234 H St -- above the Pug)
Souk (1208 H St) Middle Eastern/Moroccan restaurant: falafel, shwarma, cous cous, etc.
Unnamed Old Birdland Place (1118 H St) Chicken and Waffles joint (though has been under construction for a long time, so this may be fuzzy/uncertain) Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar (1104 H St) popular tavern/bar - now open: going out gurus calls it their favorite new spot
Rita’s Water Ice (1014 H St. NE) frozen treats (seems stalled 8/09)
H Street Connection (800-1000 H St) (high-end condos above two blocks of new retail, including outdoor seating patio at 8th St corner - check out the great design -- this is going to be a huge development)
Ethiopic Restaurant (401 H St) (Ethiopian)
Undetermined Bar to Replace Pap & Peteys (421 H St) concept/naming contest
Toscana Cafe (2nd & G Sts NE) delicious, recently-opened Italian from Roberto Donna protege, formerly of Galileo. Great patio dining, good lunch options.
Expected, but undetermined date & location -- likely near East end GROCERY STORE

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