Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bring Whole Foods to Capitol Hill on H Street NE

I just learned that the P Street location of Whole Foods is one of its few busiest locations nationwide. They have locations in Virginia and NW, but those of us to the East need a better option. Join me in calling for a Whole Foods to serve Capitol Hill, NoMa, Penn Quarter, etc

The other name out there is Trader Joe's. Maybe one for the West end and the other for the new H Street Connection development between 8th and 10th? Either one would be the only location for those stores within a couple miles of the Hill and could also easily service NoMa and Penn Quarter.


  1. Dream on. They are not about to cannibalize the P Street store.

    Trader Joe's maybe, but probably more likely somewhere near Eastern Market.

  2. TJ's is missing out on a golden opportunity by not placing a store on the corridor as soon as possible!

    their prices are quite affordable, and nothing like whole foods.