Monday, October 19, 2009

Napa 1015 closing restaurant (at least temporarily)

Frozen Tropics: Napa 1015 Closing Restaurant

Frozen Tropics follows up on an ANC-6a email over the weekend to confirm that Napa 1015 will be closing the restaurant for the time being, while continuing to operate its catering business. She remains hopeful that they will reopen as the economy picks up and as the expected developments on this block and in the area come in the months ahead. She explains:

As many of you already know, Napa 1015 is closing the doors of its restaurant operations October 24th. I think this a huge loss to H Street, but I hope (knowing that they own their building) that they will reopen once the economy improves, and that stretch of H Street matures a bit (i.e. gets more businesses). This is a very tough time for most of us, and local restaurants and bars are really feeling the hit as people scale back.

Stay tuned for details about a new and excited business expected to open near Napa 1015's location. Hopefully once that venture opens, the economy will have picked up and Napa will be able to resume regular operations.

In the meantime, what is the best dining option on H Street / NE Capitol Hill?


  1. Have to go with award-winning mussles and more at Dr. GMs.

  2. Toscana Cafe on the West end near Union Station is doing a great job with fine Italian food.

    On H Street, Taylor is awesome, but maybe that doesn't count as dining, so much as great subs.