Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fenty & Wells: Streetcars for H St now coming first

HUGE news about streetcars coming to H Street. Tommy Wells deserves a great deal of credit for this, as does the Mayor for calling for the H Street streetcars project to be accelerated. Streetcars along with the streetscaping are going to make a huge difference throughout the corridor.

Wells also says he has a commitment from the mayor that the first cars will run on H Street....

"I called Fenty and asked Fenty and he said he would make H Street first," Wells said. "It completely transforms that whole corridor." Running a start line in a place where residents will embrace it was essential, he added. "It's probably the biggest decision about streetcars."

Gabe Klein, director of DDOT, confirmed that Fenty had directed an acceleration of plans for the H Street line, where trak construction originally began not to serve as a test route but to coincide with other street infrastructure work...

"What the Mayor has challenged us to do is to accelerate the H Street project, to make it operational faster," Klein said.

Streetcars coming to H Street. (via Wash. Biz Journal)


  1. Great job, Tommy!

  2. Go Tommy Go! So nice to have someone other than the residents fighting for H Street! Now we just need to get someone serious about cracking down on the crime out here!