Friday, December 13, 2013

Foie La La La La on H Street 12/16-30; 7 of H Street's best restaurants launch Foie Gras competition 12/16-30

Seven Atlas District Restaurants Decking their Plates with Lobes of Foie Gras
December 16th - 30th
The holidays are a time to celebrate and indulge in a few of the finer things - damn the consequences. Seven restaurants along the H Street corridor in NE Washington feel that a feast is in order, celebrating one of the finest ingredients in life - FOIE GRAS! Starting on Monday, December 16th, continuing through December 30th, restaurants participating in Foie La La La H Street will offer a foie gras special on their menus. Diners can then vote for their favorite foie dish at
"There is nothing quite like foie gras when it comes to indulgence," says Chef Brad Walker, co-owner of Boundary Road who came up with the idea for the Foie La La La H Street competition. "It's rich, unctuous, luxurious, and the most delicious substance on earth. During this time of year we want to revel in our favorite ingredient, and we thought it would be more fun to have a bunch of our neighboring restaurants celebrate with us."
In addition to Boundary RoadFoie La La La H Street participants include The Big Board, Le Grenier, The Atlas Room, Liberty Tree, Granville Moore's and Red Rocks. Voting opens to the public on Monday, December 16th. The restaurant with the most votes at the end of the competition wins bragging rights up and down H Street NE. 
"Come and eat. Be warm," says Walker. "We wouldn't want you to go into the winter unprepared."


  1. yes. Yes. YES! I love this!!!

    I can't wait. I am even considering canceling a few previously agreed to holiday engagements so I can hit up a few places.

    I really hope this becomes an annual thing.


    x the Grinch

  3. disgusting. this is not something to be proud of.