Thursday, April 4, 2013

Streetcar Construction Update: Power Substation work begins at 12th & H

dc streetcar full-color.jpgTraction Power Substation Installation Work
Begins April 3 At 12th & H Streets
The DC Streetcar construction team starts work today on building the streetcar system’s Power Substation at the southwest corner of the 12th and H Street. The substation, depicted below, will be a safe, fully-enclosed, sound-proofed structure housing equipment to boost power to the streetcars at the mid-point of the H Street line.
The first phase of construction – lasting for about two weeks beginning with set-up activities on Wednesday, April 3 – involves extending electrical conduits from H Street to the substation site. This requires excavation of the sidewalk on H Street at the 12th Street corner, and excavation of the sidewalk on 12th Street alongside Khan’s Bar & Grill.
The 12th Street sidewalk is public space, owned by the District of Columbia. Khan’s Bar & Grill uses a portion of the public space as a sidewalk café.  During the construction work, the sidewalk café will be closed for approximately one week, beginning  April 4.
The DC Streetcar construction team has worked closely with the Khan’s Bar & Grill owner to coordinate the work so as to minimize the disruption of his business and restore use of the sidewalk café well in advance of warm-weather demands. 
During the construction period, parking will be prohibited on the southwest corner of 12th and H Streets and the southwest side of 12th Street from H Street to just past the Khan’s Bar & Grill location.

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