Monday, April 1, 2013

Capitol HIll Book Club meeting at Star & Shamrock April 8, 7 pm

 The Co-Ed Capitol Hill Book Club's next meet-up is April 8, 7 pm at the Star and Shamrock (1341 H St).  They'll be discussing Swamplandia! by Karen Russell.
Thirteen-year-old Ava Bigtree has lived her entire life at Swamplandia!, her family’s island home and gator-wrestling theme park in the Florida Everglades. But when illness fells Ava’s mother, the park’s indomitable headliner, the family is plunged into chaos; her father withdraws, her sister falls in love with a spooky character known as the Dredgeman, and her brilliant big brother, Kiwi, defects to a rival park called The World of Darkness. As Ava sets out on a mission through the magical swamps to save them all, we are drawn into a lush and bravely imagined debut that takes us to the shimmering edge of reality.

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  1. Thinking about recommending a David Eggers book for the next read.