Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Link roundup

Eater had a couple great pieces on Toki Underground.  The first is a terrific interview with Erik Yang.  The second talks about his plans to offer Peking Duck over the holidays.  We're looking forward to trying that soon. 

The Hill is Home has a quick write up of an author's first trip to the Big Board.  She seems happy.  We've been a few times and have been very pleased as well.  They seem to be drawing a very good neighborhood crowd and are making really good burgers to suit all styles.  We also enjoyed the "tobacco onions," which are similar to onion straws that you might find at Matchbox or Liberty Tree.  WAMU also has this nice piece on them.

Frozen Tropics reports that the Pug is hosting a Whiskey tasting tonight at 8.  $10 to sample 4 types of scotch.

The Reliable Source reports that a slew of DC celebrities including Vice President Biden, Michael Douglas, Alan Greenspan, Colin Powell, Madeleine Albright, Dick Gregory, and Bob Johnson came to H Street to see Anne & Emmet at the Atlas (1333 H St).   They play offers "look at the past through the lives of two teenage martyrs, Anne Frank and Emmett Till" and was written by Janet Langhart Cohen whose husband William Cohen represented Maine in the Senate and later served as Secretary of Defense.  We're sorry we missed it -- it's another reminder that there are lots of great things happening at the Atlas and we're lucky to have it here. 

Greater Greater Washington reports that another biker got their tires stuck in the streetcar tracks on H Street and asks whether bike lanes are needed here.  We don't see where they could happen on H Street, but like the suggestion that others have made that they be added to G St and I St and think some bike friendly adjustments should be part of the pedestrian safety improvements slated for Maryland Ave as well.

Washingtonian's Best Bites Blog says Tasty Kabob was looking for a storefront on H Street. We'd love to see something pop up in the Philadelphia Water Ice space again this winter.

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