Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Join Toki Underground, Frenchies & us at the 4th Annual FreshFarm H Street Food drive this Saturday

The Fourth Annual Food drive at the H Street FRESHFARM Market is coming up this weekend and we encourage your generous participations.

As you might recall these food drives are different than most. They collect monetary donations that they spend with their farmers; and everything that's collected then goes to their gleaning partner, First Church, which is working The Director of Community Services at Brookland Manor to identify families in need to receive baskets of fresh foods.  People can also bring non-perishable items from home, but they expect most donations will be monetary ones that are immediately spent with the farmers.

This year, First Church/Brookland Manor has requested 50 turkeys and H Street FRESHFARM is working hard to fulfill this big request. The point of the doing the food drives this way is that it is a double benefit - it helps the hungry but also helps the farmers with a boost in sales. While we can certainly get turkeys for less, in order to stay true to the organization and support our farmers, we want to get them from our farmers  (most of them are charging $4/lb). I estimate that we need at least $3000 to get requested birds.

The Market has already ordered 20 turkeys from Full Cellar Farm (who sells near the Wylie end of the market) and the past few weeks has been collecting money from shoppers by having people buy a "feather" and decorate a cardboard "turkey" at the info stand. They've already collected over $1500 as well as a generous pledge from Erik at Toki Understand.  However, we still need to collect a bunch more cash to get the remaining turkeys.

Please come to market and participate this weekend! On the day of the drive, Erik Bruner-Yang (of Toki Underground fame) is doing a demo and Frenchie's is doing Cookie Decorating activity (encouraging donations - proceeds will go to the drive). So H Streeters can stock up for the holidays, sample some great food from Toki, decorate a cookie and do some good.

If people can't make it to market but want to donate, please feel free to include my email (if you decide to post something)!  Donations can be made online (http://www.freshfarmmarkets.org/get_involved.php - just put food drive/H street in the subject line) or mailed to the address below.


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