Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Giant Food opens 41,000 sq ft store tomorrow May 2, 4 pm at 300 H Street NE

Giant Food will open its brand new 41,000-square-foot store located at 300 H Street NE tomorrow at 4 pm.  The new full service grocery store will be open 24 hours a day.  The H Street Giant, which is LEED-certified by the U.S. Green Building Council, is part of Steuart Investment Company’s mixed-use project, 360° H.  It will create more than 100 new jobs, more than half of which were filled by local community members. We haven't been inside yet, but expect this full service store to be a terrific addition to H Street. 

Some highlights from the new store include:

· Full-service floral department conveniently located at the front of store.
· Expansive produce department featuring wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.
· Large selection of natural and organic food items, including dairy products and frozen offerings in one dedicated aisle. Store features full line of Giant’s Nature’s Promise products and scores of gluten-free items.
· Bakery offering a full array of fresh baked goods including Giant’s Madelyn cakes, lattice pies, and artisan bread bar.
· Wide offering of international food items, including Asian, Hispanic, Irish, Italian, and Kosher cuisine.
· Full-service seafood department featuring fresh and frozen items and a live lobster tank. 
· Full-service meat department with expansive offering.
· Large service deli, featuring wide variety of prepared foods, gourmet cheese and olive bar, sandwiches, and soup and salad bar.
· Vast selection of beer and wine, including craft and domestic beers.
· Variety of general merchandise, seasonal items, health and beauty care products, and more. 
· H Street customers will benefit from new in-store technologies “SCAN IT!” hand-held devices, which allow customers to scan and bag their groceries while they shop and an “ORDER IT!” deli kiosk, where customers can digitally place deli orders, continue shopping, and pick up order when alert is received.
· Thirteen check-out lanes, four of which are belted self-check out. Two check-out lanes are reserved for “SCAN IT!” users.
· Customer service department located conveniently at the store’s entrance.
· Parking garage designated solely for Giant customers. Parking tickets can be validated in-store for up to two hours.


  1. lol to the comment above..

  2. RE: "bos daiwei" -- Spammers are getting more creative.

  3. I wonder what this means for the local stores near Giant: Franklin Carryout (3rd and K) and others.

  4. Hopefully it spells doom for Murray's so Insight can move forward with their Apollo development.

  5. where are the photos flickr?

  6. can someone please comment on Blair Shelter! What are the longterm prospects for this property.

  7. I went to The Elroy on Saturday. I think I will make a great addition to H Street corridor. While, they have some kinks to workout, such as completing the menu and drink list, I think that The Elroy will uplift that block. Since the hours are 4-3 am, it will make a great happy hour spot and a great spot after a concert at Atlas. The owner is super cool and takes a great deal of pride in his business. Good luck and welcome to H Street!