Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tomorrow H Street Bakes at The Big Board w/ Kim Moffatt, Crunk Cakes & Biscuit

H Street Bakes returns tomorrow from noon until 3 pm at the Big Board (421 H St).  Look for savory baked goods from Biscuit, signatures boozy cupcakes from Crunk Cakes, and a host of delicious items from Kim Moffatt (who is the talented pastry chef responsible for many of the desserts at Granville Moore's, The Big Board, and Boundary Road).  Kim tells us she'll have the following items tomorrow:

bacon cinnamon rolls, oatmeal awesome pie, red velvet bundt cake, almond joy cheesecake, birthday cake cheesecake minis, allspice crumb muffins and maybe giant coconut macaroons!
Biscuit is going to have:

toffee, pop tarts, babka, croissants, english muffins, stecca, pizza, baguettes, oatmeal sandwich bread, cheddar jalapeno bread, and spicy soppressata and mozzarella croissants.

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