Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Link roundup

Eater has a nice piece on Smith Commons (1245 H St), which recently celebrated their first anniversary.  It's been a really good first year for them, though we're sorry to see their GM Sheldon Robinson go earlier this month.  Congrats to Jerome and Miles on a great first year and best wishes to Sheldon in New York!

DC's Office of Planning released their land use study on the streetcar line nad it bodes well for DC and for area property owners -- the system will produce great gains in property values and allow much of the cost of putting the system in motion to be offset by those gains.  Stories covering this ran in the Post, WBJ, Examiner, DCist, TBD, DCmud, City Paper, and on the website of CM Tommy Wells.  Unfortunately, a few neighbors are complaining about the streetcar barn, which will be located on Benning Road.  We're not sure that there's any legitimate reason why.

The Capitol Hill Speciality Hospital at 8th & Mass is looking to move from long vacant to residential use.  Curbed has a preview of the proposal.  ANC6A reviewed this recently with neighbors as well.

Stuart Hobson Middle School (between 4th & 5th and E & F Sts) is pending modernization.  Support the local Capitol Hill middle school by signing on.
Urban Land Institute says DOT's plans to consider the environmental impact of their funding decision is good news for DC streetcars.

The Pug (1234 H St) turns five next week and has a week of celebration planned.  

Toki Underground (1234 H St) is doing cooking classes with Living Social (deal now via Living Social) and is also accepting a small number of reservations weeknights prior to 6 pm through City Eats.  This is good news for anyone and everyone who has a hard time getting in there. 

Boundary Road (414 H St) is getting really close to opening.  And the place is gorgeous.  Trust us when we say you're going to love it.

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