Monday, February 13, 2012

Kids Yoga at Yoga District (526 H St), Sundays 2/26-4/1

Kids Basic Yoga, 6-week Course with Jaedra at H Street

Every Sunday, 1:30 – 2:30pm

      February 26th – April 1st

6 classes: $60, $10 walk-in only

Kids aged 8-13*

Our youth yoga mission is to have fun in a safe environment while learning about kindness and physical as well as mental health by working together on basic yoga poses, songs, and relaxation in a non-competitive atmosphere. Classes include meditation and breathing exercises in addition to child friendly movements and poses.

The regular practice of vinyasas, standing postures, and seated exercises “will accelerate the development skills such as small controlled movements, whole-body coordination and control, and balance (NC School of Yoga).” Additionally, breathing exercises as well as sustained postures help develop patience and increase focus which lead to a calm sense of being and possibly even a better night’s sleep.

As with all bodies, asana and pranayama help prevent illness to even our youngest students. Movement and healthy breathing help provide fresh blood and move lymph through the entire body assisting your immune system to ward any lingering unwanted bacteria or viruses. Yoga asanas are particularly beneficial for growing bodies. As children’s bones are hardening and broadening and tendons, ligaments, and cartilage are settling into place children may experience discomfort. Gentle stretching will help with pain while strength-building postures will help with proper alignment and placement as the body parts settles into a permanent place.

*If your child is younger or older than this age range, and they would like to participate, please contact Hannah at:

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