Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Link roundup

Washingtonian's Best Bites Blog talks to former Queen Vic Chef Adam Stein who says he's helping launch Big Board -- the gourmet burger spot that's slated to open later this year at 421 H St (old Toyland space).  That's good news for Big Board, as the burger (and most everything else we've had to eat) at Queen Vic have been terrific. 

Tom Sietsema liked Tru Orleans (400 H St) as a good looking place for a drink ("its fanciful black iron railing ... seduces you before you're even stepped inside.") but was less happy with what he had to eat.  He loves Ethiopic (401 H St) though, so maybe he'll be happy doing what we did recently and have a drink at Tru Orleans before dinner at Ethiopic.  Sietsema also had tough words for Watershed in NOMA.  We've only been once, but really enjoyed our visit and wonder if he had bad luck.  Most reviews of Watershed have been much more favorable than his.

Lydia DePillis reports at Housing Complex about streetcars and the H Street line's western connection to a metro station.  We think F Street could be a decent connection to Union Station if done well, but are eager to see the connection finalized regardless of whether it is there, at the New York Ave metro, or otherwise.
Fruit Bat (1236 H St) launched brunch on Sunday and is now open for lunch daily.  We've always like the food there.

Express Night Out talked up Smith Commons' (1245 H St) ginger and jalapeno gelatos.  We haven't tried either yet, but will have to make it back to the dining room for dinner some time soon.
The City Paper ran a big feature on Capitol Hill schools and the progress they've made over years thanks for community involvement by neighborhood residents like Suzanne Wells.  We're always impressed and proud of the contributions our neighbors make to improving the community and DC overall.


  1. Saying Tom Sietsema "liked" Tru Orleans is a bit of a stretch.

  2. We went to TruOrleans on tuesday night for the first time and there were a few service hiccups, but the food wasn't actually as bad as many of the reviews I have heard. Perhaps some time to sort out the kitchen helped? Bottom line though, entrees are very overpriced, it's doubtful we'll be back anytime soon.