Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Link roundup

DCentric reported on the retail funding grant program that is designed to assist growing retail business on H Street.  Final rules for the process are still being finalized, but we'll be sure to help spread the word when they are.  It should be a good program and in the meantime the story is the first to break the news that a quality bike shop is looking to open up on H Street.

DC Beer Week is underway.  There are lots of great events on H Street with the Argonaut, Liberty Tree, Little Miss Whiskeys, Red Palace, Granville Moore's, Smith Commons, H Street Country Club, and Star and Shamrock all participating.

Housing Complex reported that Ben's Chili Bowl nearly purchased (1001 H St), which is the current home to George's Place.  The building is listed for sale at $1.4 Million.  The building across the street at 1000 H St now has a for lease sign up as well.

Shawafel opened at 1322 H St

Capitol Hill Cupcakes opened a bakery with weekend only hours south of H Street on 18th St NE near D St.  The owners are the same as Cafe Roma, which previously used the space for a cafe with good sweets.

Fruit Bat (1236 H St) and Tru Orleans (400 H St) are now open for lunch.  We've always liked the food at Fruit Bat and have heard good thing about to po' boys at Tru Orleans.

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