Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Link roundup

Steuart Development broke ground at 360º H Street -- the new mixed use development with 215 residential units above a full service Giant Food grocery store coming to H Street between 3rd and 4th Streets in early 2013. 

D*mn Good Times has one of the better write ups on Toki Underground (1234 H St).  Toki has been doing some pretty awesome specials of late -- follow them on twitter to keep track of Chef's latest creative dishes and ramen add ons. 

District Cuisine does a nice job with their first review of Tru Orleans (400 H St). 

The Washington Post says H Street is a work in progress and quotes a spokesman for the Mayor's Office of Planning & Economic Development Office as saying that the plan is for an "H Street [that] is not just a place to eat out but also a place where people can go to buy things or spend the whole day."  The story doesn't break much ground (and actually seems a bit dated), but does have a couple good vidoes, this one on Smokey's Babershop and this one on style and the H Street scene

The Post also previewed the Importance of Being Earnest at the H Street Playhouse (1365 H St) through August 14.  It sounds like an interesting twist on the classic.   Shows run Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons.

Politico reports that the revived Gang of Six talks on the debt ceiling arose through a series of dinners that Senators Coburn and Chambliss had on H Street.  First come the hipsters, then the young families, then the conservative southern Senators? 


  1. ugh. please, no conservative southern senators. please, please, please no.

  2. The conservative senators came to "trendy" H St. Are we moving up in the world? No more "rough around the edges" for us.

  3. Let them come! Then we can tell them what we think to their faces, since, you know, we don't have a senator of our own to do it for us.