Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Link roundup

Thrillist has a quick preview with a nice picture of Tru Orleans (400 H St), which opens Friday.  The menu looks good, though the beer and wine lists are not yet up to par with the many terrific craft beer lists available on H Street.  We're looking forward to checking it out soon.  The renovation work they did is substantial and adds nicely to the western portion of H Street. 

DDOT called on residents & businesses to water street trees.  We've heard from a number of folks who are concerned about the condition of some of the new trees planted on H Street.  The construction contract covers tree watering for the next couple months, but thereafter the trees will need to be watered.  As a homeowner or business owner you are responsible for caring for the tree box in front of your property.  Young trees typically need to be watered weekly during the summer months in DC and need about 25 gallons of water per week.  If you would like watering bag/bucket, please contact DDOT Urban Forestry or Casey Trees to obtain one. 

The Hill is Home reports on a meeting regarding neighborhood concerns about the 7-Eleven at 8th & Maryland.

Young & Hungry has the scoop on Chef Teddy Folkman's Bacon Chive Mayo, which is one of several great sauces for your frites available at Granville Moore's (1238 H St).

Little Miss Whiskeys (1104 H St) is teaming with DC Brau for a Brau BBQ tomorrow night.  We're tried each of the current Brau offerings and highly recommend them. 

Hessman Entertainment / @EventsonHSt partners with the Atlas Performing Arts Center (1333 H St) for a big Bastille Day celebration this Thursday.   Gypsy Jazz Guitar Virtuoso Stephane Wrembel will be performing and there's a french wine tasting as well.  Tickets are moving, so be sure to buy yours ahead of time.


  1. The Tru Orleans menu "looks good"? To who? Seems like overpriced knock-off N.O. schlock.

  2. I love a 'terrific craft beer' like most everyone else, but honestly its refreshing to see beers like Budweiser and Coors Light on a list without shame. Sometimes I just want to enjoy a reFRESHing bottle of beer- (keep an eye on those born on dates T.O.!)

    Welcome addition to our west end- menu looks great, the building looks great, pumped for the opening!

  3. I agree that Budweiser should be on more menus on the Hill - including this one. BL isn't the same as Bud. At least meet me half way and offer Bud Medium. Seriously. And BTW, no one in NOLA drinks Turbo Dog except tourists. And Amber is better in the bottle but is only offered in draft format here.

  4. Can we throw beads off of the balcony?

  5. Is there really such a thing as Bud Medium? Sounds unnecessary but at the same time VERY intriguing.