Monday, December 6, 2010

Water Ice Update: Rita's & Philly Water Ice are closed for the season, Taco Impala stands in for PWI at 1204 H St

Rita's Water Ice closed for the season last month.  They will reopen with the warmer weather this spring. 

Philadelphia Water Ice recently closed as well.  The owner reports that they will reopen in April.  In the interim, she has subleased the space to a taco shop operating under the name Taco Impala (1204 H St).  They also plan to continue to serve Philadelphia Water Ice's popular cheese steaks.  Frozen Tropics reports that this business opened earlier today.

Unfortunately, when the business closed its product melted and as the trash bags containing it were dragged to the corner of 12th & H and left a trail of melted water ice along the new sidewalk.  In other news, we hear it is increasingly likely that the wooden locker in front of the property that was deemed to be illegally on public space will be removed soon.

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