Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Streetcars update

The DC Council Transporation Committee unanimously approved two bills last week to advance streetcars on H Street.  First, it passed a bill to address overhead wires.  Second, it approved a resolution to authorize the use of the additional funds it set aside in the budget to fund the completion of the streetcar line along H Street, so that it can begin running in Spring 2012. 

Yesterday, the Council passed a budget without cutting funding for the program.  It also passed the overhead wires bill and the resolution approving the plan for the H Street line, so it appears that the final legislative hurdle may have been cleared.   

DDOT also released an RFP for the completion of the H Street/Benning Rd segment (power, maintenance facility, and bridge work) and announced that they will issue an RFP for two additional streetcars on December 22nd.   

Thanks to DDOT Director Gabe Klein, Streetcar Director Scott Kubly, Transportation Chair Jim Graham, and Ward Six Councilmember Tommy Wells and all the others who have worked to move this ahead.


  1. This is great... but now streetcar advocates need to push to get this line extended into downtown.

  2. I completely agree with the previous poster. I was sadden to hear that Gabe was sent packing by Marion Barry's henchman AKA the Undertaker AKA Mr. Gray.