Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Link roundup

Liberty Tree (1016 H St) continues to receive rave reviews for their pizza and seafood alike.

Thrillist seems excited about the now officially open Ethiopic (401 H St) and has a copy of the menu.

The City Paper follows up with more details on the planned merging of the Red and the Black with the Palace of Wonders as the Red and Black Palace with a new and improved performance staging area on the second floor.

WAMU and WP's Going out Gurus have details and pictures of Biergarten Haus (1355 H St) which is slated to open in April. They have done a great job remaking that building and putting together a huge and impressive outdoor garden space.

(1238 H St).

The Hill is Home's Jen DeMayo reports on the latest streetcar developments, which DDOT is saying will be running up and down H Street to Union Station by 2012.

Frozen Tropics has this piece on the H Street shuttle, which runs from Chinatown (7th & H NW) to the Atlas District and back.

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