Thursday, March 11, 2010

Grocery stores coming on and around H Street

Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells recently obtained a tax credit to help ease the completion of negotations with a full service grocer for the Steuart Development coming to the 300 block of H St. The credit is to help seal the deal there and ensure that the deal can be completed and will include adequate parking for the store. While the store itself remains unidentified while negotations are being finalized, its size is expected to be around 35,000 sq ft, so it will be quite large, will require substantial parking, and these spaces will help seal the deal as well as help keep customers from parking on the residential sidestreets to the new development's north and south.

Councilmember Wells also announced yesterday the news that an ALDI store would be opening east of H Street at the Hechinger Mall on Benning Road. Wells did not recruit that store to this location, which is not located inside Wells's Ward 6, but in Harry Thomas's Ward 5, and was just passing along this new information. Wells is confident that the ALDI's arrival will not negatively impact the full service grocery coming to the Steuart Development on the 300 block of H St in any way, shape, or form. The ALDI store is not replacing the nearby Safeway, but is instead just another option for shoppers near the Starburst Intersection at the eastern end of the H Street Corridor where Wards Five and Six meet.

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