Friday, April 1, 2011

Toki Underground opens tonight: preview link roundup

Toki Underground opens above the Pug at 1234 H Street tonight.  We've dropped by for one of the public soft openings and several others have produced nice previews already and it seems the final product is looking very good.  We had very high expectations and they were exceeded.  Our only initial concern is when we're ever going to be able to get a seat there again. 

The Washingtonian's Best Bites Blog is already drawing comparisons to David Chang's famed Momofuku in Manhattan(!) and has some great photos.  The piece offers serious praise, concluding with "Bruner-Yang cut his culinary chops working as a manager at nearby Sticky Rice, helping open Kushi in DC, and making pho dogs for U Street Music Hall. We’re guessing that soon enough there’ll be one more similarity to Momofuku: a line out the door."

The Hill is Home's Claudia Holwill (aka @brunchgirl) praises the food, drinks, and overall value of her first visit.

PoP has some good photos as well, including the drinks lists.

City Stream has this overview.

And TPWP Guide had us drooling in anticipation with photos and lines like these:
Let’s start with the décor: many establishments in DC and around the country pay tens of thousands of dollars to achieve what Toki Underground has done with creativity and many hours of hard work – and they did it all themselves...
The food at Toki Underground is also extraordinary – both in simplicity and execution...
Toki Underground exemplifies many aspects of our transforming city – for me it is everything I look for in a restaurant: unique imaginative interiors, soulful simple food, and a group of creative people who had an idea and worked hard to execute it to extraordinary standards.
We recommend getting there early.  Like a number of our most popular spots, they'll take your name and put you on a list and you can grab a drink at another nearby spot, like the Pug, Smith Commons, Fruit Bat, or Church and State while you wait for  a table.

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