Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Link roundup

Today is election day in DC for the special election to fill the At Large seat that was vacated when Kwame Brown assumed the position of Council Chair and which is currently filled by Sekou Biddle on an interim basis.  There are a few attractive candidates in this race and one decidedly unattractive candidate, but the only unacceptable option is failing to vote. 
Bikeshare announced several new stations proposed to open this summer, including stops to fill in the gaps along the middle of H Street and on NE Capitol Hill.  Some of these are new, while others were promised back in October of last year. 

The Washington Post touted late night eats in DC, including H Street options Dangerously Delicious Pies and Taylor Gourmet.

The Post's Tim Carman checked out Khan's.
The Post's Fritz Hahn also had a really nice write up of Church & State
The City Paper has this piece on the opening weeks at Toki Underground.

The Washington Post recommended Blues for an Alabama Sky at the Atlas Performing Arts Center through May 8.

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  1. Who is the unattractive candidate?