Thursday, February 18, 2016

Discounted dog walking and cat sitting via @MetroMutts (508 H St NE)

Did you know Metro Mutts (508 H St) not only provides food and toys for local pets, but also cares for and walks them?  They're now offering new deals for dog walking and cat sitting for new clients in the H Street area.  Details below. 

25% Off for New Dog Walking and Cat Sitting Clients! Use code "FIRST25"

We have been passionate about your Capitol Hill canines and kitties since 2010, and are up for Best of DC! To celebrate, we're offering 25% off of the first two scheduled visits for new Metro Mutts Pet Services clients. Simply type in the code "FIRST25" when making a reservation through our online scheduling systemNew clients only. Please note, a consultation and billing method are required before we can confirm service. 

10% Off for First Week of Ongoing Dog Walks! Use code "NEW10"

And for new regular weekly walk clients... 10% off of your first week of regular midday walk service (3 days or more recurring days a week). Simply type in the code "NEW10" on your first week of regular walks. For new regular weekly clients only.

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