Monday, March 16, 2015

East Side Yoga now open at 518 10th St NE

East Side Yoga recently opened just south of H Street at 518 10th St NE.  It comes to the neighborhood from Alia Khan and is located near the corner of 10th and Maryland NE -- directly above 10th Street Auto. 

Alia explains that "We are not a typical yoga studio in many ways, from our space's design to our teaching philosophy, and we are the first studio of this caliber to come to the east side of town.  We hope to build a strong community around the studio by reaching out to all of our neighbors here in NE." 

Our Design - We put a lot of work into making this a one-of-a-kind space, and not just for a yoga studio. Using locally-sourced material, my contractor custom-built furniture, fixtures, and finishes that really set our space apart from any other. I call my design "Farmhouse-Spa-Chic." Our students have found that the investment we've put into our space has made their experience at the studio much more enjoyable, and a number of them have already told me this is the most beautiful yoga studio they've ever been to. 
Anti-Fluff Yoga - Let’s face it - yoga culture in US can be a little…out there. We get it, and to be honest, we’re not really into the “hippie-dippie” style of teaching ourselves. (Chalk it up to my being a recovering attorney.) When we discuss philosophical & spiritual principles, we do so using modern-day language and anecdotes that you will be able to relate to you in your everyday life simply by virtue of living in today’s world. So rather than offering vague instructions like “become one with the earth and the light and the universe,” we’ll talk about things like practicing patience & compassion the next time you’re jostled on the Metro platform.

East Side Yoga
518 10th St. NE


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