Monday, August 5, 2013

The Wandering Shoe - quality, full-service shoe store planned for eastern end of H Street and seeking community input

Chuck Murphy plans to open a shoe store called The Wandering Shoe on the eastern end of H Street.  To help ensure his succeess, he's asking neighborhood residents to participate in this survey to help him provide us with the type of shoes and apparel that we want to see for sale on H Street. 

Chuck has an extensive background with over 10 years in retail shoes and will carry chidren's, men's and women's shoes, along with accessories and footcare/shoecare products. He explains his decision to open a shoe store on H Street as arising from his love of retail and retails shoes and his love of H Street.  He loves shoes and once owned 72 pairs of Chuck Taylors.  He views shoe sales as the best use of his psychology degree and his desire to help others, noting that he finds it especially rewarding to help someone with foot trouble find the right fitting shoes.  Chuck first came to H Street because of family connections to Jason Martin who has ownership stakes in Sticky Rice, Dangerously Delicious Pies, Rock and Roll Hotell, and Chupacabra.  He's especially excited about the energy of the corridor's eastern end where he hopes to open The Wandering Shoe soon. 

The Wandering Shoe's will be a a shoe store with adult's and children's shoes that doesn't require a trip to upper Northwest or the suburbs (there are few, if any, quality shoe stores that market to families east of upper Northwest.)  Chuck feels parents and kids deserve better quality and not in the suburbs.  TWS will sell comfort and fashion footwear in an exciting environment and will stock shoes in hard to fit sizes, including smaller and larger shoes as well as narrow and wide options. 
The two level space TWS expects to use is large and would allow for a variety of shoe options to be available on site.  TWS will feature many American made or American designed shoes as well as some international options.

Help bring this new form of retail to H Street and help it succeed by filling out this survey, so TWS has what it needs to best serve our market. 


  1. If anyone has branding suggestions, sizing suggestions or general commentary on providing world class customer service, you can email me: or or follow me on twitter (@wanderdc) or

    Chuck Murphy
    Owner, The Wandering Shoe
    #### H Street NE
    Washington DC 20002

  2. I would like good quality shoes not at astronomical prices. Not fashionista styles but classic, stylish women's shoes made well, with leather soles.