Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bikelanes coming to G & I Streets NE this fall

After much neighborhood agitating and far too many incidents where bikes got stuck in H Street streetcar track, DDOT proposed bike improvements to G Street and I Streets NE.  H Street was not a viable option because it had already been recently redone  and the streetcar tracks were positioned in a manner that did not leave room for bike lanes.  ANC6A  and ANC6C held a joint committee meeting in June and both ANCs voted unanimously to request that DDOT implement "Option 2", which features contraflow bike lanes on G & I Street.  Contraflow lanes are bike lanes that run opposite of traffic.  Both streets will also have shared lane markings (aka "sharrows") that indicate to vechicular traffic that bicycles are welcome to share the flow of traffic, thus allowing bike traffic in both directions on G & I Streets.  The hope is that this will benefit the safety of the neighborhood's many bike users and will be of particular benefit in steering bicycle traffic off of H Street where the streetcar tracks have snagged far too many bicycle wheels and caused unnecessary accidents.  DDOT and its streetcar team report that the lanes should be installed this fall, so that they are available when streetcar service commences.  We've asked DDOT to address the need for repaving on G Street prior to installation, but have not received an update since they told us they would investigate that matter in May.  Hopefully, they'll be able to address this as some blocks on G Street -- especially the 500 and 600 blocks -- are badly in need of repaving and currently provide for a very bumpy ride.  Regardless, we're looking forward to seeing the improved bike infrastructure installed in the coming months. 

For more background on the process, see this GGW post by neighborhood ANC Commissioner Tony Goodman describing the four options that DDOT presented to the community.


  1. As shared on the 4GNE listserv:

    As a resident of G Street and an occasional bike commuter, I'm highly disappointed. I follow the rules of the road by bicycling with the flow of traffic. I wish others would respect the rules of the road, as well. While bikers should have equal rights to roadways, we are small and vulnerable. Having bicycles on both sides of the road will just be more distracting for already distracted drivers on visually busy streets. Paint on pavement validates unsafe behavior.

  2. This is just plain stupid. As a car driver and as a pedestrian I have found the wanton lack of disregard for (or perhaps it is complete ignorance of) the rules of the road by cyclists to be alarming. To make streets that are more congested with bail-out traffic from the unending road construction on H even more impassable is ridiculous.