Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Atlas Room offers Monday dinner, Granville Moore's adds weekdaylunch & Toki Underground drops Sunday service, but offers daily takeout

Atlas Room is now open Mondays for dinner.  We had our first meal there in quite some time and the place has not missed a beat.  Crab fritters with a spicy slaw and tomato zucchini gratin were both terrific new additions to the menu.

Granville Moore's is now open for weekday lunch with $1 off all drafts.  Everyone knows how great Granville Moore's is for moule frites, for Belgian brews, for other gastropub fare, so those who wish it was easier to get into without a wait should be sure to take advantage of the new weekday lunch offerings. 

Toki Underground is no longer open on Sundays, but is now offering take out full-time.  I view that as a win for the neighborhood.  I'll celebrate even more when we can grab Chef Erik's terrific specials to go.  Maybe one day at Toki or at least when Maketto opens.  In the meantime, know that Toki's specials are almost always just that and are highly recommended.  We especially enjoy the dan dan mien, the shrimp head add ons,  and the abura tsukemen though Erik has been pulling lots of interesting stuff at the H St Freshfarm market and mixing it up with new dishes a lot lately.  While we always order ramen here, we also try at least one special on each visit. 


  1. Why shold I look for an appartment on great H Street? What is it that makes it a great place to hang ones hat?

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