Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Join the Argonaut for the 2nd Annual PhoenixFest orating 2 years post fire to support DC Burn Foundation

Join your friends and neighbors at the Argonaut this Saturday from noon til close as they commemorate the second anniversary of their large building fire to support the DC Firefighters Burn Foundation.  For a $50 contribution to this worthy cause, the Argonaut offers unlimited seafood boil and Red Hook IPA.  They'll also have kids art classes, henna tatoos, and a great silent auction. 


  1. You say $30, but the flyer says $50. I guess we should assume the flyer is correct?

  2. Are crabs boiled or steamed? Really a travesty to boil MD crabs.

  3. The travesty is that people get burned in fires. Maybe you would be disappointed if the crabs were boiled, but c'mon, let's keep it real, seriously!