Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Family displaced by recent fire needs children's clothing donations


As you may have heard, there was a seriousfire in a rowhouse on the 400 block of 15th Street NE over the weekend.  The fire department respondedand everyone escaped safely, but the fire has displaced the family and their five children. The Red Cross is currently providing emergency housing, but the children lost their clothes and toys in the fire.

I've been in touch with the mother and she has asked for help with finding clothing for her children. If you have any clean clothes you might be interested in donating to help out, I'll leave a box out on my front porch (1530 D Street NE). I can make arrangements to drop off the clothes for her later this week.

As for age/size:
12 year old girl
10 year old girl
8 year old girl
7 year old boy
5 year old boy

 I'll put a box out on the porchlater this evening.



  1. Hi Charles, do you know if they can use any towels or sheets? I have extra. Unfortunately no clothes, but I do have shoes, depending on what size the 12 yr old girl wears.

  2. Some more specific information on sizes:

    12 year old girl - size 10
    10 year old girl - size 8
    8 year old girl - size 7
    7 year old boy - size 7
    5 year old boy - size 6

  3. Would kitchen dishes be helpful?

  4. Does the 26 year old mother also need clothes?