Saturday, April 28, 2012

McCleaf's Orchard CSA coming to neighborhood

Spring is upon us and it is an great time to consider enrolling in a farm share program, bringing locally grown fruits and vegetables to your kitchen table. McCleaf's Orchard farm share program offers an excellent opportunity for customers to truly know their local farm and farmer. McCleaf's is interested in building relationships with its customers, through utilizing central weekly drop off points. Each evening weekly drop off will feature a community gathering of those participating in the farm share. McCleaf's is unique for several reasons. First, they are a single farm program. That means that every bit of produce you receive from them was grown by them. How’s that for knowing your farmer? Second, because they are an orchard, fruit abounds in their farm share program. And finally, in addition to TASTE, they are all about QUALITY. They harvest at the peak of ripeness to ensure the best tasting, most nutrient dense produce and typically have it to you less than 24 hours after harvest. McCleaf's will be serving H Street and Capitol Hill neighborhoods starting in June.

Details: 15 weeks of delivery - regular package is $480 and rubust is $630. Join in the community building! Pickup location is 600 11th St NE.

My friend operates McCleaf's Orchard, and we are looking to have a weekly get together in the evening to allow all farm share participants to pick up their share at my sister's house, while enjoying the company of friends and neighbors. We will feature things like cooking lessons and food tastings at this weekly pickup to make it fun. It will have a great feel of community. Here is the link -

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