Monday, January 9, 2012

The Daily Rider -- stylish urban bike shop coming to 1108 H St this spring

We told you that the The Daily Rider would be at the H Street Festival with hopes to open a shop on H Street back in September and now we're thrilled to report that they are bringing their stylish, urban bike shop to 1108 H Street this spring. 

The Daily Rider will offer all the best in urban bike gear -- cruier bikes (including Bobbins & Pashleys), attractive helmets (including Yakkays), and comfortable clothing that you can wear on your bike commute and keep on all day long. No spandex pants with big padded rear ends, but all the best gear to commute to and from work or to stroll around your liveable, walkable, bikeable neighborhood. 

The Daily Rider will not only be the first bike shop on H Street, but also arguably the first truly urban, stylish bikeshop of its kind in Washington, DC, making it destination retail for bike lovers throughout the city and for bike loving tourists in town for a visit. The shop will conveniently be located just steps from a new Capital Bikeshare location at the SE corner of 11th & H and comes to H Street from Capitol Hill neighborhood residents Loren Copsey and Beth Rogers. 

They'll join a few other new daytime retail options on H Street this year, but will also be open late Thursday through Saturday nights to welcome foot traffic from the H Street nightlife scene, which seems like a terrific idea.  Look for them between Taylor Gourmet and Little Miss Whiskey's early this spring.
Twitter: @TheDailyRiderDC
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  1. I would argue BicycleSpace was the first urban bike shop in DC, but we need more. I caught the Daily Rider folks at the H Street Festival and they were super nice. I'm looking forward to seeing their shop, and I was super impressed with the bikes from Bobbin.

    Also, nightlife hours = awesome idea.

  2. what H street needs is a full service bike shop.....not one that is catering only to commuters/"city-riders".

    the area has a large population of families that need bikes and helmets for kids etc. also, DC has a huge riding and racing scene....seems like they will be ignored here.

    A co-op or something that can combine a full service bike shop with on site (job) training in bicycle mechanics would be much more beneficial to the community than a niche bike shop that will only draw one specific subset of the population.

  3. Anonymous, I'm confused. There are tons of "racing" shops, just about all of 'em are. I also imagine the DR will have a bike mechanic and sell kids helmets, and I don't know why you'd assume otherwise. Those are strange complaints. Also, co-ops are great - there's already one in DC called the Bike House - but they are different from a retail bike shop in how they operate.

    Frankly, the small amount of shops that have city bike inventory, much less understand the needs of people riding for transportation, make it difficult for regular people to find a bike they're truly happy with. The "subset" you're talking about is everyone, not just people biking for recreation. The only niches in cycling are racing subsets. Do you want them to cater to road racing, randonneuring, cyclocross, singletrack, fixed gear track, time trial or triathletes? No shop specializes in more than one or two of those categories.