Friday, January 13, 2012

Lots happening at the Rock n Roll Hotel this Friday, Saturday and Sunday

A few good announcements about shows at the Rock n Roll Hotel each night this weekend. 

Fear Virginia Lead Local Rock and Roll Resurgence
Fear of Virginia, the Highballers, and the XO’s kick of 2012 at the
Rock and Roll Hotel on Friday the 13th

Fear of Virginia started building their folk-rock sound in 2011.  With the help of locals throughout the region we provided a FreeFest alternative and played to crowds throughout the many venues DC has to offer.   What began as a few friends drinking whiskey in a living room playing covers has since turned into a staple of the local rock scene, churning out folk-rock originals all over the district we call home.

“’For too long DC has been the butt of jokes from hipsters in New York and the East Coast Music Establishment.  We aim to change their minds and prove that musical greatness comes from the Nation’s Capital.  Of course, they’re hipsters so, that may not be possible as we refuse to wear skinny jeans,’” said bass player and DC resident David Turner.

We are excited today to announce that we are planning to continue celebrating the resurgence of local music with our friends the Highballers and the XO’s.  The show begins at 9 PM and will be a great celebration of music honed in the garages and living rooms of those who call DC home.  Fear not, even though the show is planned for Friday the 13th of January, it is nowhere near Virginia.  The lineup surely will not disappoint and for the price of $10, we could think of no better way to kick off 2012 at DC’s favorite hotel.

Drop Electric is playing a benefit show at the Rock & Roll Hotel this Saturday. We think it'll be a great night of music for a good cause.  You can check one of our songs streaming over the trailer for the new Batman movie (I know, we're pretty clever) here

Moombacon Massive Sunday, Jan 15, at the Rock & Roll Hotel.
Everything is FREE ALL NIGHT 21+

Brought to you by Head of Rothchild, One Love Massive, Ov3rkill Entertainment

Upping the Ante this time around by having 30lbs pounds of bacon, fried chicken, ribs, and condoms.  We even have a special VIP section (VERY IMPORTANT POPEYES)  3 personal reserved boxes for contest blog winners.  The lineup of DJ's is composed of H.O.R. contributors, veterans, and up and coming DJ's

Uncle Jesse - Baltimore
Taek1 - Las Vegas
Smudge- DC
(Tv Party, HeadofRothchild)
John Bowen - DC
(Video Killers)
Denman - DC
(LTW, HeadofRothchild)
Reed Rothchild - Mean Streets of Montgomery County

Here is the FB Event page

Here is a great post that Casey did from the first Moombacon Massive back in September

Here s a post for the Upcoming Moombacon Massive

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