Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Serious construction project at 403-407 H St

The western end of H Street has undergone some dramatic changes over the past year.  Ethiopic made good use of a facade grant and restored 401 H Street with very good success.  Tru Orleans added a second story to 400 H Street in the form of an enclosed patio with decorative ironwork.  Steuart Development broke ground for 360º H Street, which will house a Giant grocery store with a few hundred residential units above it in a building that runs the entire north side of the 300 block of H Street.  But some pockets of blight have remained. 

We've noted before that 413 H Street recently hit the market and is available for sale.  Now we can report that the three storefronts at 403-407 H Street are undergoing a substantial renovation as well.  Plans for the space have not been made available and we speculate that the activity may be a mere attempt to remove the properties from DCRA's blighted lists, which will save the owner greatly in property taxes.  The buildings were previously marketed for bank use and appear to still be available to lease.  Some pictures of the transformation in progress are below. 
Recent shot of 403-407 H Street in the midst of renovation work focused on facade restoration
More before and after pictures after the jump

Google maps view of 401-407 H Street from a couple years ago
401 -407 H Street post Ethiopic's facade improvements and in the midst of renovations at 403-407


  1. This looks great! I am happy to see this block improve. Once the Giant goes in I can see the western end of H really start to fill in and get cleaned up.

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