Friday, April 15, 2011

Development of the vacant lot at 1216-1218 H St in the middle of the 1200 block

We've been asked what's going on with this vacant property in the middle of the 1200 block of H Street a few times lately and have only been able to come up with a partial response.  Here's what we know:

The vacant lot in the middle of the 1200 block of H Street at 1216-1218 H St (between Red Palace and Sticky Rice and a couple lots down from each) is now under construction.  We have not seen the permits and do not believe they have been submitted to the ANC for review, so it appears to be matter of right development, subject to the limitations of the H Street Overlay.  Property records are a bit vague, but we recall the property changing hands about a year and half ago and the current owner is listed as "Washington Wanbao" which appears to be a small real estate company based in Glover Park.  The construction permits list the use as new construction of commercial and residential space.  If anyone has seen the plans or has more info, we'll be happy to post more here as we received it.  It's prime real estate on H Street, in the "heart" of the Atlas District and the middle of one of H Street's most popular blocks, and so we've long admired it for its potential and are pleased to see it will be put to productive use soon. 

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