Monday, October 25, 2010

H Street Shuttle update

The H Street Shuttle nearly lapsed due to lack of funding, but DDOT announced earlier today that it had been extended through at least the end of the year.  Unfortunately, the construction along H Street remains a mess and progress seems to have stalled since the H Street Festival.  Tommy Wells reports that he is working to find funding for the shuttle to continue through at least the end of the construction.

DDOT reports that streetcars will run in 2012, but has not promised whether the shuttle will continue to run in 2011.  Without it, H Street may have to rely on cars, the woefully inadequate X2 bus, or Capitol Bikeshare.  Bikeshare has been installed at 3rd and 13th, but that leaves a significant gap in between, so hopefully the planned installation at 11th & H should help.  Their initial plans stated that one would be installed at 11th & H, but for some reason their proposed locations map no longer lists that stop and instead lists one at 6th St (one was installed at the NE corner of Lincoln Park earlier today).  Hopefully, Councilmember Wells and DDOT will be able to ensure that the shuttle continues at least until construction is complete and perhaps until the streetcars are up in running in March 2012.

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