Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Coming Soon -- (Lots of) Development

To date, most of the revitalization of H Street has been limited to small businesses, bars, restaurants, art galleries, and home renovations up and down the cooridor. Over the course of the next 2-3 years, there is a remarkable amount of more significant development coming.

H Street Connection Redevelopment (800-900 blks of H St - South side)
52,000 square feet of retail, 100 commercial parking spaces for use by patrons of H St businesses and another 60 for the several new retail outlets that will be on the first level of the building, which will have 384 residential units on remaining floors. H Street facade will look like a series of row houses and 8th, H, and 10th Street will start out at four stories high with a step back and roof deck patio with the building reaching a meximum of eight stories at its core. Just working its way through the final negotiated details before going before ANC6A for approval.

Washington Real Estate Partners Project (600 blk of H St - South side)
Mixed-use project that includes 234 residential units, 500 parking spaces and ground-floor retail.

Steuart Develop. Apts & Grocery Store (300 blk of H St - North side)
Recently-modified plans for a planned-unit development, the building will have 212 apartments, and 270 parking spots. The building height will reach 75 feet. This project will feature a grocery store as its residential anchor.

Capitol Place (200 blk of H St - South side)
Dreyfus Development's mixed use project with over 400,000 sq ft of retail, 300 condos, 380 parking spaces. The building will be several stories high at 2nd & H Sts, but will gradually scale back to row house heights of 45-55 ft as it reaches 3rd St to the east and G St to the south.

Union Place - Loree Grand (200 blk of K St - North side)
Will house 30 artists in residence at 3rd & K Sts NE and will include over 200 residential units, a roof garden, a courtyard, a gym and ground floor retail with occupancy in March or April.

Also, just off H Street:

Capitol Hill Condos: The Station (old police station) (525 9th Street)
Design approved by ANC6A in September, targeted completion by end of 2010 with construction starting in February.

Capitol Hill Condos: Engine House (old firehouse) (1341 Maryland Ave)
Design approved by ANC6A in September, targeted completion by end of 2010 with construction starting in February.

Arboretum Place (1600 Maryland Ave)


  1. It is going to be A-MA-ZING when H Street Connection is replaced. I cannot wait to see that happen.

  2. Thanks for putting this list together--it's very interesting to see all the projects in one place. With all that's happened in the condo market, I wonder how many of these large buildings won't make it out of the planning stage?

  3. I've got a sledgehammer around here somewhere... when can we start demo on the H Street Connection property!?! Just let me know - I'm right around the corner and happy to help!

  4. It would be nice to know when H Street Connection Redevelopment will begin construction. Same for the Steurt Development. I've been hearing about the grocery store going in with the Steurt Development since I moved to the area in '07. Yet still no grocer has committed.

    I have no doubt H St. Connection will start construction at some point. But I can't say the same thing for Steurt Development. I would leave them off the list until there is a firm commitment from a grocery chain (otherwise the Steurt Development is just a pipe dream).

  5. man, h street is gonna be bumpy for a long time.
    10-15 years from now this will be the best neighborhood in the city.
    and i mean truly great, not just i live here and i love it great.

  6. I had no idea so much stuff was coming here. It will be great to see some of these things break ground. Sounds like the H Street connection project is really going to make a huge difference.

  7. Any chance a map could be put together like on JD Land? I think that would help people out.

  8. @8:39,

    Sounds like a great idea. Want to help make it happen?