Thursday, July 14, 2011

Progress at Liberty Tree: new sign up & patio construction underway

Liberty Tree (1015 H St) has posted a nice new sign and has finally received the necessary permits and began construction on their side patio earlier today. 

When complete the patio will offer a good bit of more room for dining at Liberty Tree with an additional 40 seats.  The construction should finish this week and tables have been purchased, but the new patio will have to be inspected and DCRA will have to approve a new certificate of occupancy before Liberty Tree can put it to use.  Hopefully, that will happen within the next 10 days or so.  When it does, look for Chef Graig to make full use of it and to offer some special items that involve his smoker and other al fresco dining treats. 

In the mean time, keep an eye out for Liberty Tree's house cured pancetta making occassional appearances on the menu.  We tasted some on a salad recently and it was delicious.  We hear Chef Graig's already got another batch curing.  We're looking forward to enjoying it on the patio before long.


  1. Good to hear. I remember this being mentioned when they first opened and nothing happened and it looked like a dump out there. I figured it was just a lofty aspiration. A few days worth of new concrete and wooden posts shows a lot of progress

  2. Has Graig always been the chef at Liberty Tree? I remember him from the first Matchbox - he created many of their signature dishes.

  3. Graig has always been the Chef at Liberty Tree, but you are correct that he was the chef that opened Matchbox as well. Same guy, same talent in the kitchen. Great signature items at Liberty Tree include the lobster roll and clams casino pizza. His burger is very tasty as well.

  4. Wishing Graig all the best. Now more patrons will be able to enjoy his great menu.