Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Link roundup

The Examiner interviews Argonaut's Shareen Pine about their experience recovering from the fire and their current operations and plans for rebuilding the kitchen and downstairs.  The Argnonaut recieved and shared some good news this week on their website:  they were informed that both insurance companies have approved their estimate and they can start building in less than in two weeks.  They are hoping to reopen better than ever and plan to move the bar to the back of the restaurant and hope to obtain permission to use additional public space on Maryland Ave (where there were various games available) and elsewhere.  They also intend to have a wide selection of rums available and are taking suggestions.  How about 10 Cane, Flor de Cana 4 yr, and Zacapa 23 yr?

DCmud reported on the ALDI opening near the Safeway at the Starburst intersection on the eastern end of the H Street corridor.  According to the post, they will break ground today with Ward Five Councilmember Harry Thomas, Jr. 

Gallery O on H announced that they will once again sponsor artcars at this year's H Street Festival which is coming up on Saturday, September 18. 

WP Food Critic Tom Sietsema likes the Biergarten, but was less than enamored with their food.

City Paper's Tim Carman checks in with Teddy Folkman at Granville Moore's with an update on their expansion plans.  They are unclear on whether they will dig down or expand the first floor into the building to their east (historically this building owner has been hesitant to make his first floor reasonably available, but has escaped vacant property tax rates because he lives in its second level).  Either way, they'll add 26 seats and expand their tiny kitchen.  Good news.  On recent visits, we've found the food better than ever and have been lucky to avoid the lengthy waits.

The Washington Post spent 24 hours on Bladensburg Road at the Capital City Diner and Jimmy Valentines.

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