Friday, September 10, 2010

H St construction update: barriers being moved to south center lane tomorrow

Here's the latest from DDOT (slightly edited).  If all goes according to plan, you will see three paved lanes running out to 13th St prior to the Festival next Saturday, September 18. 

H Street Construction Contractor To Move Jersey Barriers Saturday, September 11,
In Preparation For The H Street Festival

The District Department of Transportation has authorized the H Street construction contractor, Capitol Paving of DC (CPDC), to move the H Street jersey barriers on Saturday, September 11, in preparation for the H Street Festival on Saturday, September 18.

The northernmost bank of jersey barriers from 3rd Street to 13th Street will be shifted south next to the southernmost bank of jersey barriers. During the September 11 work, the northernmost jersey barriers will be replaced with orange traffic barrels for the next few days, while CPDC completes backfilling and clean-up work to make the south center lane usable as a traffic lane.

Then the barrels will be removed, and a lane switch will be put in place with new directional signs. In the new traffic pattern to take effect on or before September 18, the north curb lane will be restored as a parking lane except during morning and afternoon rush hours. There will be three full-time traffic lanes – two for westbound traffic, one for eastbound traffic – and all three will be to the north of the jersey barriers.  The south curb lane – currently serving as the eastbound traffic lane – will be blocked to traffic to accommodate renovation of the roadway and installation of streetcar tracks.

For the H Street Festival on Saturday, September 18, DDOT and its construction managers, MACTEC Engineering & Consulting, and CPDC worked closely with the Festival sponsor, H Street Main Street, to assure that construction activity, barriers, equipment, and signage will not hamper Festival activities.

Festival tents, displays, and entertainment activities will take place on H Street from 8th Street to 14th Street, which will be closed to traffic during the Festival. In the 1300 block, the Festival will have full use of all H Street lanes. In the 800 through 1200 blocks, the Festival will have the use of all lanes except the south curb lane.
The work is part of the District Department of Transportation’s H Street Reconstruction Project. More information about the project is available on the DDOT website, under the Ward 6 portion of the “Projects and Planning” section.

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