Thursday, September 2, 2010

ANC6A candidates

There will be at least four new ANC6A Commissioners in 2011. Kelvin Robinson cannot run for re-election while seeking a seat on the Council. Commissioners Mary Beatty, Raphael Marshall, and Bill Schulteiss have all decided not to seek re-election. Commissioners Drew Ronneberg, David Holmes, and Nick Alberti have not drawn opposition and are seeking re-election, while Commisioner Gladys Mack is facing a competitive challenge from Rosedale Citizens' Alliance President Nikki Bowens.  According to the latest, DC BOEE listings, the following candidates have obtained petitions and sought signatures to be listed on the November ballot for ANC6A seats.  Of those, Drew Ronnberg (6A02), David Holmes (6A03), Nick Alberti (6A04), Sharee Lawler (6A05), Andrew Hysell (6A06) and Gladys Mack (6A07) have already submitted petitions presumably having obtained the requisite 25 valid signatures of registered voters from within their SMDs. 

A few of the new candidates are well-known in their community and have been active within the ANC, which is well-known for its citizen volunteer-staffed committee system.  Sharee Lawler is a member of the 6A Economic Development and Zoning Committee (as well as a The Hill is Home contributor and the CHAMPS 2009 business volunteer of the year).  Andrew Hysell is a member of the 6A Transportation Committee.  Nikki Bowens is a member of the 6A Community Outreach Committee and the President of the Rosedale Citizens' Alliance.  Candidates have until tomorrow to submit petitions with signatures from 25 registered voters from within their SMDs in order to gain ballot access. 

6A01 Adam C. Healy 812 11th Street, NE 20002 556-0215
6A01 Angelia Rice 1100 K Street, NE 20002 674-3062
6A01 Lawrence Russell 821 Florida Avenue, NE 20002 410-404-8558

6A02 Drew Ronneberg 646 11th Street, NE 20002 431-4305

6A03 David Holmes 919 Massachusetts Avenue, NE 20002 251-7079

6A04 Nick Alberti 1330 North Carolina Avenue, NE 20002 329-1193

6A05 Sharee Lawler 1240 C Street, NE 20002 714-8422
6A05 William R. Mohring 415 11th Street, NE 20002 773-915-3356

6A06 Andrew J. Hysell 1364 Emerald Street, NE 20002 357-7560

6A07 Necothia "Nikki" Bowens 1770 E Street, NE 20002 486-4296
6A07 Gladys Ann Mack 703 18th Street, NE 20002 240-432-3494

6A08 Erica Anderson 423 18th Street, NE, #10 20002 422-6645
6A08 Lia Veenendaal-Selck 222 17th Place, NE 20002 917-859-7969

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