Friday, October 9, 2015

Maketto touted in WP Fall Dining Guide & now taking reservations

Maketto (1351 H St) has been one of my favorite spots since before it opened and exceeded my expectations since.  If you've been around H Street at all, you've long known that Erik Bruner Yang is a tremendous talent and a great chef.  If you came to the H Street Farmers' market in recent years, you knew that Erica Skonick makes world class croissants.  If you visited one of their popups or the roaster in Hyattsville, you knew that Chris Vigilante and his crew make a mean cup of coffee and roast some terrific beans.  And, if you've been since it opened, you know that Maketto blends all these elements together with some terrific cooking in the kitchen by Chef James Wozniak and various stylish offerings from Durkl to produce a pretty awesome place to be at 7 am, 7 pm and all times in between. 

The Washington Post's Food Critic Tom Sietsema lavished Maketto with well-deserved praise in his recent review and has now crowned Maketto with a spot in his Fall Dining Guide.  Conveniently for everyone who loves the food there or who is looking for a chance to dine there soon, Maketto is now accepting reservations via phone at (202) 838-9972.  If you haven't been for a full dinner yet, now is your chance to make plans to go.

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