Friday, February 27, 2015

Upcoming events at Star & Shamrock for Purim, St Paddys, Passover & 5th Anniversary

Spring is Coming...Star and Shamrock’s “Spring Shenanigans Simcha Festival”
Month of Purim, St. Patrick’s Day, Passover, March Madness and Five-Year Anniversary Celebrations

With the traditional Jewish and Irish holidays of Purim, St. Patrick’s Day  and Passover fast approaching, Star and Shamrock, DC’s first and only Jewish-Irish hybrid delicatessen/tavern, is rolling out plans for its first-ever Spring Shenanigans Simcha Festival, offering a full month of holiday and seasonal-themed weekend and weekday celebrations, running from March 4th - April 4th.

Star and Shamrock is known for its festive Purim, St. Patrick’s Day and Passover parties, but this year, the launch of their significantly enhanced menu and bolstered bar program in conjunction with its five-year anniversary since first opening for business on H Street, has offered cause to welcome this year’s holiday-packed season of rebirth with a much, much, much bigger month-long bang.

“It’s been a really amazing experience over the past five years to go from a being a ragtag team of bartenders and patrons looking to open the kind of bar/restaurant where we’d want to spend our time, to truly really becoming an Atlas neighborhood fixture serving our H Street NE family and extended family in the Stars and Bars beyond, “ said Jason Feldman, one of Star and Shamrock’s three founders. “The loyalty and support of all our friends, partners and local suppliers has been incredible, they’ve brought us to this point where we are now, where we can serve them even better by building up our bar and menu offerings.”

“We’re definitely takings things up a few solid notches--but to be clear, that doesn’t mean we’re looking to become anything different, we’re still gonna be the same friendly-with-a-side-of-snark, won’t-break-the-bank, don’t-have-to-brush-your-hair-or-change-your-shirt, there’s-a-fairly-good-chance-we’ll-know-your-name-and-if-not-we’ll-make-a-new-one-up-for-you local watering hole, just with a whole bunch of more tasty and boozy options.”

The Spring Shenanigans Simcha Festival month of celebrations begins on March 4th with Star and Shamrock’s annual “Purim Party”, held in honor of the Jewish miracle-marking holiday. This year’s kickoff party’s set to be thrown in partnership with Shmaltz Brewing Company, with craft brewing industry leader/Shmaltz founder, Jeremy Cowan, onsite for a He’Brew tap takeover. In addition, Star and Shamrock’s new kitchen team will be serving up menu twists on traditional Purim holiday favorites with a “Battle of the Briskets” taking center stage. Live music and other entertainment as well as contests with what Feldman describes as “significant” prizes will also be adding to the event’s excitement.

Other events on tap during Star and Shamrock’s month-long Spring Shenanigans Simcha Festival include:

  • 3/14: Shamrocking Saturday, kicking off a week filled with St. Patrick’s celebrations, featuring live music by The Molly Hawks.
  • 3/15: St. Paddy’s Family Sunday Funday, the always family-friendly tavern will open its doors for a host of St. Patrick’s Day kid-centric menu specials and entertainment.
  • 3/17: St. Patrick’s Day Tuesday Booze Day, building on Star and Shamrock’s longstanding St. Patrick’s Day party tradition of an 8am start time, all-day array of bar and menu specials, live music and other entertainment.
  • 3/17-3/29: March Madness, offering all basketball games for viewing on Star and Shamrock’s seven well-placed flat screens, dubbed “TVs at every Turn”, while serving up a smorgasbord of in-game drink and menu specials.

  • 3/20: The First Day of Spring Restaurant Rebirth, a party to formally introduce Star and Shamrock’s full new bar program and expanded menu.

  • 4/4: Star & Shamrock Five-Year Anniversary Passover Party, which will also serve as the Spring Shenanigans Simcha Festival’s closing party, offering a wide variety of twists on traditional Passover dishes as well as entertainment, contests and other to be announced activities.

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