Sunday, August 12, 2012

906-08 H Street purchased by Westmill Capital / Popularise / Fundrise (Ben & Dan Miller team) for $1.375 Million

The Westmill Capital Team, which purchased the Autozone lot and more recently purchased 1351 H Street with plans to bring Maketto (a Toki Underground / Durkyl / Vigilate Coffee colaboration) has purchased the double wide building at 906-908 H Street for $1.375 million. 

The team isn't saying much about the plans for the new building, but it seems likely that the building will soon be offered for community conceptual input (via Popularise) and for community investment (via Fundrise).  In the meantime, company principal Ben Miller had this to say about the group's latest high profile H Street acquisition:

"We love H Street because of its history and creative energy. Because of this, we look at investing in buildings like 908 H Street to be key to our strategy of focusing on neighborhood developments."
This is one of our favorite unused buildings on H Street and its aquisition by a well-funded group who has demonstrated commitment to working with the community and existing H Street business owners to bring new and exciting offerings to H Street is an excellent development. 

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