Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Americana August music festival with H Street show next week

In a DC culture marked by its collective, unflagging loyaltyto its relentless nine-to-fives, the simple pleasures of folklore, lackadaisical front porch sitting, mason jars, and grandma's pies cooling onthe stove are too often relegated to the realms of bittersweet nostalgia.“Americana August” is a three day musical event about taking time to reclaimthese timeless pleasures from the roots we share: time to appreciate Americantraditions, songwriting and stories; time to enjoy a piece of homegrown togethernessthrough classic Americana cuisine; and most preciously, time to simply betogether.Americana August will be jointly hosted by three DC house showorganizations including the Cellar Door, North by Northwest Presents, and theScooby Doo Mansion and will be held in our neighbor's homes throughout the community on August 3rd, 4th, and 9th. We seek to bring together several bands,singer-songwriters, events, and food options for a three day event where oneand all are welcome to partake and participate in making the event their own.In the spirit of American hospitality, the first twenty people to buy their bundle package tickets via PayPal ($35 for all three days) will receive Americana August memorabilia, VIP seating, and a beer at each show (Link)

Americana August First Evening: On August 3 at 8pm at the Scooby Doo Mansion at (3423 Oakwood Terrace NW), we will be featuring Lulu Mae from Nashville, TN with local artist Wendell Kimbrough. With musical inspiration from Johnny Cash, Iron& Wine, and Ryan Adams, this Lulu Mae's talent lies not only in thecrafting of fine folk/rock/Americana music, but also in offering sincere,universally relevant expressions of everything that comes with the humanexperience, with relationships, with love. Americana Extras: Homemade pie baking contest! Bring your favoritehomemade pie to share and enter to win a surprise Americana treasure (and thetitle and fame to go with it!). Cover charge is $10.

Americana August Lunch and Bluegrass: On August 4 at 11:30amat the Scooby Doo Mansion (3423 Oakwood Terrace NW), we will be featuring The Honey Dewdrops from Charlottesville, VA and avisit from a surprise DC Food Truck! “The Honey Dewdrops combine a highlonesome duet vocal style with contagious energy, soulful new songs and a freshangle. The result, with guitars, a banjo and a mandolin, is a sound thatwelcomes you in like a dear old friend.” It is “the musical equivalent to acouple finishing each other’s sentences.”  Americana Extras: DC Food Truck food will be available for purchase andiced tea and lemonade will be provided. Bring a picnic blanket, your friends,and your Americana spirit. Cover charge is $10.

Americana August Culminating Evening: On August 9 at 8pm at Cellar Door (826 7th St. NE) we will be featuring Jill Andrews from Knoxville, TN. "A rock-solid frontwomanin sundresses and Frye boots, Andrews leads a full band on record and on stage,drawing in tender piano, shuffling drums and searing electric guitar to supporther careful acoustic picking. Wherever she plays, she offers up a vision ofherself as a singular, quickly-maturing artist with the power to cross lines ofgenre and geography, taste and time. She is a force—and a voice—to be reckoned with."  Americana Extras: Free ice cream treats foreach attendee. Cover charge is $25.

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