Monday, August 8, 2011

The Maia: New development planned for 14th & Maryland

The church property at the northwest corner of 14th & H is now under contract with plans for redevelopment after closing early this fall.  The property is pending sale to Valor Development (who recently launched a project at 3rd & L St NE).  Valor is partenering with Jeff Goins of Capitol Hill-based PGN Architechts (who also designed the Biergarten Haus and the ongoing renovation of the residential building at 315 G St NE) on a 49 unit residential development.  The property (1350 Maryland Ave NE) is currently home to vacant church buildings which will be razed and replaced by the larger residential building, The Maia

Updated design for The Maia (1350 Maryland Ave NE)
Earlier plans for the site considered feauturing ground level retail along the 14th St side of the property, but the building will be 100% residential.  Valor Development has been in contact with the local ANC and plans to fund a bikeshare station at the location and has also agreed to support extention of the Capitol Hill Historic District north up until H Street.  The building is across the street from the Pierce School Lofts (1375 Maryland Ave) and the recently renovated Engine House Condos (1341 Maryland Ave).


  1. Amazing news! Here's hoping that they build quickly and are able to find a great retail tenant!


  2. interesting that they would push for an extension of the historic district up to H Street. would this include structures on both sides of H, or just the south side of the street?

    and, were such a thing in effect today, their property would have protection from being razed as they plan.

  3. I kind of like that weird church building, but I'm sure the apartments will be better for the corner. Too bad they're not putting in any retail though.

  4. We should strongly encourage retail on the ground floor, if not outright demand it if it will require any PUD or variance.

  5. @IMGoph,

    The proposed expansion of the historic district runs up until, but does not include H Street. The northern most property on the 700 blocks would be the new northern border. I think their support of the expansion is intended to please the community & help offset for the removal of the old church and attached rowhouse building.


    I liked the building too, but the lot is huge and the building is small. I understand the attached rowhouse has long been vacant and badly neglected as well.


    I think this will be a good addition to the area with or without retail. I don't believe there are plans to seek zoning relief at this time (it's about 50-60 feet tall & parking is underground), so there may be limited leverage for that.

  6. I live between F and G and VIOLENTLY oppose any attempt to make my house covered by the historic district. I bought just outside the historic district on purpose. Why is the ANC asking for that? This building is everything the historic district opposes, so this is bitterly ironic.

    Why do you all want retail there? There is retail on 14th st right behind them. The building is across from the (approved but dormant) Shell station that will be developed. They are catty-corner from the Checkers. 14th does not need to be a retail corridor of its own.

    I don't think the church is vacant. They had a big outdoor party just a week or two ago. I am rather afraid that the ramshackle rowhouse isn't vacant either. There is plastic taped over the windows and I think I saw someone in there.

  7. Brian,

    Are you kidding? "VIOLENTLY opposed"? Do you mean that you will use VIOLENCE in your opposition to any historic district proposal?

    It would be nice if you could curb your rhetoric and participate in a civil discourse.