Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Avalon Bay to develop 140 apartments in vacant lot at 4th & I Sts NE

Avalon Bay has purchased the lot at the northwest corner of 4th & I Sts NE and plans to begin constructing 140 apartments at the location this Spring.  The property is convenient to the Loree Grand (250 K St NE) where Chef Gillian Clark will open Kitchen on K St later this year and also to both ends of the H Street Corridor, including the Giant grocery store that will be located in the Steuart Development mixed use building that breaks ground between 3rd and 4th Streets later this Spring. 

From the Washington Post's Capital Business Section:

the company is close to getting underway at another smaller site in the District, near the city's burgeoning restaurant and entertainment hub on H Street NE. Cox said the company had acquired 318 I Street NE, a site that Broadway Development had planned for condominiums before being foreclosed upon in 2009. AvalonBay plans 140 apartments, which will have easy access to H Street, NoMa and Union Station.
"We're targeting people that want the H Street corridor as an amenity," Cox said.


  1. This is actually the NW corner of 4th and I. Great to see it finally getting started.

  2. I assume that this building will have no retail component? I always thought that would be a good location for a gym as part of a larger mixed-use development, but perhaps that is wishful thinking...

  3. The approved PUD was for residential, with no retail. The new owners are apparently pursuing a matter-of-right project instead. So while I doubt they put any in, they could put in some retail or small office space here.

    Xince they don't need any zoning relief, we probably won't know for sure what this building looks like until the (future) construction barriers come down!