Friday, December 31, 2010

WP Weekend: New Trends touts Toki Underground

Today's Weekend section features H Street's own Erik Yang on the cover, with his coming soon Toki Undergroud as the highlight of the Food trends section.  The story by Lavanya Ramanathan and Fritz Hahn touts the "New York-ification" and growing diversity of the DC dining scene, noting that DC residents "have an insatiable appetitete for all of it, as long as it is new, as long as it is novel."  They go on to discuss Yang's time in Taiwan getting ready to open Toki Underground in February.  The full piece is worth a read, but here are the main details they offer on this long coming venue.  
hopes to fill its 30 seats with diners hankering for just two dishes: ramen and dumplings. (The small kitchen will crank out five kinds of each, including hakata-style ramen swimming in a pork broth reduced for 28 hours and a mushroom-based veggie noodle bowl.)
"Toki Underground for me is Taipei in one 700-square-foot space," explains Erik Yang, the chef and the face of Toki. But it's obviously D.C., too: One wall, behind the bar, is covered with graffiti by a local artist, while vintage skateboards hang like shingles on another.

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