Thursday, December 2, 2010

Get in the holiday spirit @AtlasPACDC

Singtime! runs from tomorrow, December 3 - the end of next weekend, December 12.    The show features great songs, swing, and jazz from the fabulous 40s.  This weekend and next only.  Friday at 8, Saturday at 7, Sunday at 3 and again next weekend starting on Thursday night.  Showtime! is written and directed by Tom Mallan and part of the inseries.  Get your tickets here.

The Atlas is also home to a Holiday Market each of the next three weekends on Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 8pm, featuring great local craftspeople, including:

Lanyapi Designs:
Scents by Sassee:
Beth’s Stuffed Animals:
Raine Studios:  Unique Handcrafted Jewelry:

 Check out this The Hill is Home post from Atlas Performing Arts Communications Director Jen Demayo for more details.

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